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About Intuitive Coaching

The focus in our work is clarifying a desired vision and identifying actions that are aligned with that vision. In this way we develop insight and shift perspectives, allowing for increased confidence and empowered decision making.


My approach combines experience and research in professional development, organizational leadership, and behavioral health as well as cultural and spiritual perspectives.


I guide the process of attaining intuitive insight by consistently applying the following three principles in our work:

  1. The purpose of each goal is the unfoldment of potential  

  2. Each challenge is an opportunity

  3. Within each interaction, we all win or no one wins


As you can see, this holistic approach impacts every aspect of business and personal, from issues in operations or team building to individual organization and personal relationships. We use situations in these areas to gain a better understanding of ourselves and strategically expand our resources, improve processes, and deepen interpersonal relationships. 


Essentially, you will exert less effort and create greater outcomes.

My philosophy is, it's not about what decisions to make--it's about how to make decisions.

Single Session

How We Work

Intuitive Coaching

What to Expect

Step 1 - Discovery

Our initial sessions explore the experiences, relationships, strengths, attitudes, and perspectives that have brought you to your current circumstances and make up who you are today. 

Step 2 - Systems

We will develop and implement the schedules and systems in life and/or business that help you expand your resources and create space for deeper healing. 

Step 3 - Healing

Through the initial phases of discovery, scheduling, and setting up systems, deeper desires, goals, and wounds emerge. We will heal through reflection practices, readings, and meditations.

Step 4 - Design

While healing is an ongoing process, when fear and doubt loosen their grip, our thought process becomes clearer and we strengthen our ability to design ourselves and our lives according to our truest desires

Sessions are via phone or Zoom.

free consultation

Monthly Coaching Pricing

We will work together to clarify goals, identify untapped resources, and create action items to achieve those goals. 

Schedule & monthly pricing for individuals: 

Meet 4 times a month/30 minute sessions: $500

Meet 4 times a month/1 hr sessions: $1,000

Meet 1 hr every other week: $500

Schedule & monthly pricing for partnerships:

Meet 4 times a month/30 minute sessions: $650 total

Meet 4 times a month/1 hr sessions: $1,300 total

Meet 1 hr every other week: $650 total

Sessions are via phone or Zoom.

What To Know Before
You Book

Intuition comes down to knowing what you are wanting, why, and how best to go about achieving it. You are intuitive, we just need to get the fear out of the way.


You will learn to move from living life by default into living life intentionally. You will uncover patterns of beliefs that control your feelings and behaviors without you having realized. You can heal these.

Our sessions are designed to challenge the way you are thinking about different areas of your life so that you can reconsider your approach – this is hard work, you’re going to want to quit at times, especially in the beginning, until you start to experience how simple life can be.

Also, I’m going to give you homework. You create the change you are wanting. 

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