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About Holistic Performance Coaching

I partner with you on developing insight and shifting perspectives, allowing for increased clarity and empowered decision making.


This holistic approach impacts every aspect of professional and personal, from issues in operations or team building to individual organization, time management, and personal relationships. We use situations in these areas to gain a better understanding of ourselves and strategically expand our resources, improve processes, and deepen relationships. 


Essentially, you will exert less effort and create greater outcomes in every area of life.

What to Expect

How We Work

Holistic Coaching

A Proven Process

Phase 1 - Discovery

Our initial sessions explore the experiences, relationships, strengths, attitudes, and perspectives that have brought you to your current circumstances and make up who you are today. 

Phase 2 - Systems

You will develop and implement the schedules and systems in life and/or business that help you expand your resources and create space for deeper healing. 

Phase 3 - Healing

Through the initial phases of discovery, scheduling, and setting up systems, deeper desires, goals, and blocks emerge. We will progress through recommended reflection practices, readings, and meditations.

Phase 4 - Design

While growth is an ongoing process, when fear and doubt loosen their grip, our thought process becomes clearer and we strengthen our ability to design ourselves and our lives according to our truest desires

Sessions are via phone or Zoom. Book a free, no obligation consultation.

free consultation
Pricing & Scheduling

Available scheduling is limited

We will work together to clarify goals, identify untapped resources, and create action items to achieve those goals. 

Session Packages:

Meet 4 times a month/30 minute session

Meet 4 times a month/1 hr sessions

Meet 1 hr every other week

Sessions are via phone or Zoom. Invoices are billed monthly at the beginning of each month. A minimum of one-month commitment is required.

Become the creator of your life

The empowered life comes down to knowing what you want, why, and how best to go about achieving it. 


You will move from living life by default into living life intentionally. You will uncover patterns of beliefs that control your feelings and behaviors without your awareness of them. You can overcome these.

Our sessions are designed to challenge the way you are thinking about different areas of your life so that you can reconsider your approach – this is hard work, you’re going to want to quit at times, even while experiencing how simple life can be. The growth is in the struggle.

You already have everything you need within you to create the change you want. 

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