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Intuitive Coaching with Ani Kazarian


I'm Ani Kazarian, a holistic intuitive coach helping overextended, short-on-time entrepreneurs, business leaders, and professionals turn the demands of a busy world into a path toward the unfoldment of their full potential. ​ 


Since 2014, I’ve worked with international professionals, CEOs, and entrepreneurs, guiding them in taking a holistic approach to their lives - challenging them to reflect and strip away fear to gain clarity, make empowered decisions, and achieve holistic success.


I look forward to being of service.

What is intuition?

Intuition is the clear, linear thought process that comes from self-awareness. When our thought process is not clouded by fear and doubt, we have the supreme ability to recall detailed information, make logical leaps, and come to unexpected solutions in every area of life.


When we learn to observe our thoughts and feelings, we benefit from the clarity that intuitive living creates. We become very clear on what we want, on our internal resources, and the best next step in the process of achieving our goals. 

When we avoid the internal reflection and awareness that allows for intuitive living, we become trapped in cycles of fear and doubt without being aware that we are creating it and that we can create a different experience. 

What is intuitive coaching?

Intuitive coaching begins with developing an awareness of our thought patterns and emotions. Through intuitive coaching, you will begin to identify patterns that create disharmony within yourself, your relationships with others, and the circumstances of your life. Together, we explore all areas of life including family, daily routines, spiritual beliefs, physical wellbeing, business/career, relationships, communication, and financial health in order to take empowering actions aligned with your true goals.


Developing awareness and taking aligned action creates inner harmony and external balance. This is holistic living: maintaining a balance in mind, body, and soul.


The holistic approach is based on the following principles:

1. The purpose of life is to unfold our potential in mind, body, and soul.
2. All life is equal.
3. We all win, or no one wins.

By deepening your awareness and taking empowered actions, holistic success opens up the experience of balanced fulfillment in every area of life while also having a positive impact on all whom we interact with. 

Services Overview

I offer two types of coaching sessions:

  • Partner: 2-4 monthly sessions that use patterns and communication from within the partnership to focus on individual growth. Creates harmony, aligned decision-making, and the consistency for success.

  • Individual: 2-4 monthly sessions that delve into developing intuitive insight, transforming perspectives, and creating empowered actions aligned with your goals.



Create efficiency by aligning your actions with your principles. When in alignment, daily actions support your long-term goals. This is as true for individuals as it is for teams and organizations.


Defining your purpose empowers you to clarify your vision so that your approach is not swayed by temporary setbacks. When we are clear on our goal, even seemingly unrelated actions bring us closer to achieving it.


Create opportunity in all situations by recognizing the interconnectedness of every area of life, we are able to yield magnificent results from small actions.

About Me

Ani's holistic approach draws from experience and research in learning strategy, behavioral health, literature, and spiritual studies. Ani earned her BA in Ethnic Studies from the University of California, Berkeley with High Honors, her MFA in Literature and Writing from Bennington College, where she received the Lucy Grealy scholarship, and her HR Management Essentials certificate from Brandman University. She has published essays, reviews, and short stories featured in the MicroLit Almanac, Agni Online, Consequence Magazine, Aster(ix) Journal, and Sampsonia Way. 



Alan Johnson

CEO & Founder

Bold Recovery, Inc.

"Bold Recovery has prospered with Ani's guidance and support. I have been working with Ani for the past 7 years and recommend The Holistic CEO to any agency that wants to develop strategies that have been proven profitable."


Leah Bernthal

Executive Director

Every Purpose

"Ani has helped me see things about myself, my work, and my relationships that have transformed my life. She has the ability to see strengths, identify challenges, and encourage action with grace and gratitude. Ani has introduced me to new ideas, concepts, and ways of navigating the world that I use day in and day out to manifest balance and happiness in my life. She is a life-changer!"


Sydney Shand


Corcoran Global Living

"I'm incredibly grateful for the guidance and insight that Ani has provided over the past seven years. Through Ani's coaching, I've learned to trust my intuition and have developed a greater sense of clarity. Ani has become an invaluable resource."


Cindy Lorimer

Realtor & Co-Founder

PLG Estates Inc.

"I owe my success in business and my personal life to Ani's intuitive coaching."

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