Need intuitive insight or want to develop an intuitive perspective on a specific situation, event, feeling, or thought? You can now book a one hour consultation.


Your intuitive insight will help you gain perspective, identify unexpected solutions, and create harmony in a relationship. During intuitive consultations, I guide you in releasing the effects of fear in a specific situation and work toward unfolding your potential in mind, body, and soul.

Sessions are via phone or Zoom.


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Turn every experience into an opportunity for growth.



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Alan Johnson

CEO & Founder

Bold Recovery, Inc.

Bold Recovery has prospered with Ani's guidance and support. I have been working with Ani for the past 5 years and recommend The Holistic CEO to any agency that wants to develop strategies that have been proven profitable.

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Leah Bernthal

Founder & Executive Director

Every Purpose

Ani has helped me see things about myself, my work, and my relationships that have transformed my life. She has the ability to see strengths, identify challenges, and encourage action with grace and gratitude. Ani has introduced me to new ideas, concepts, and ways of navigating the world that I use day in and day out to manifest balance and happiness in my life. She is a life-changer!

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Sydney Shand
Corcoran Global Living

I'm incredibly grateful for the guidance and insight that Ani has provided over the past five years. Through Ani's coaching, I've learned to trust my intuition and have developed a greater sense of clarity. Ani has become an invaluable resource.